Monday, August 10, 2009

I started this painting about two years ago and finished it in the last year sometime. I really like painting dark murky water. This is probably the sixth painting that has this same water in it. It's a painting of Mao but it doesn't have any intended political meaning. I find the less I talk about a painting the more someone might like it. So, I'll shut up and let you take what you like from it. I will close in saying that this painting is not showing praise to Mao. I was mostly concerned with captureing a man swimming in dark deep waters and I wanted for him to look all alone. Being that it is Mao, it lends itself to all sorts of interpretation. The stoty I have been told about the origins of the photo was this, He was swimming across this River "maybe the yellow river" to prove how strong and healthy he was. I don't think the majority of the Chinese population could swim at the time, so such an act would prove this point.

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  1. I saw this picture in my reading list and just had to click on it. I like the way you don't read into your own pictures or speak about them, I find that doing this can stop people finding their own meanings because they can come slightly fixed on yours.

    "swimming in dark deep waters" oh where to begin haha........

    A great great piece :)