Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I painted this when I lived in Jersey City. It was so long that when I was painting it, it went from one wall to about 6 inches behind the loft my bed was on. It was a good time for painting. I averaged about 1 large painting a month when I lived there.


  1. Nice to meet you Dane, and thank you for your wonderful comment :)

    Fantastic work yourself!! I have never really worked with larger pieces but am going to expand this winter with a few, cannot wait.

    Have a wonderful night and keep in touch.

  2. Yet aother fantastic piece Dane I can't believe hte raw talent you have it's astonishing.

    And I happenes to fall across your blog accidentally on purposea, I cliked the next blog button up at the top and hit your blog and was instantly a fan :)

    Glad you liked my post btw :) you are mt first ever commenter, feel proud :)

  3. Leigh- Good luck with your larger pieces. I think there the most fun.

    Connar- Thanks. You were my first commenter other than my mom. And as appreciative as I am of her support, it doesn't really count.