Saturday, June 5, 2010

Some of my first paintings

Here is the first painting I did after graduation. It is also the first painting I sold to someone that wasn't a friend or family member. I sold it to family in Norway. This painting along with the one below I painting in the hallway of the apartment I lived in. It was kind of tough because I could only back up about 5 ft and these paintings are about 4 ft wide.
This is the second painting I did after collage. It was part of my first show and I there are still large parts of this painting that I'm quite proud of. My mom bought it so I get to see it anytime I go home. This is nice because so many paintings get shipped away and I never see them again. I'm not sure I should care but when you invest so much into something it would be nice to revisit it from time to time. Something they taught us at the Illustration Academy was to not get attached to your artwork. If you get too scared of messing something up you'll have a lot harder time improving. Nothing like throwing a piece of art across the room and against the wall, after you spent the last 50 hours driving yourself crazy to get it the way you want it. And that my friends is a run-on sentence.